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16 Trendy Haircuts Stylists Say Are Easy to Maintain and Look Good on Everyone

By now, I’m sure you’ve noticed we keep an endless supply of haircut inspo on hand at all times. After all, sometimes the mood just strikes and we’re ready to chop all our hair off. But the deeper questions I’ve been asking as of late are what trending cuts are actually 100% versatile? Sure, certain chops look great on those with straight hair, but do they hold up for someone with curly or coily strands?

I decided to do a little digging and ask my arsenal of hair masters to weigh in. What they shared are a few trendy haircuts that are fun, functional, easy to maintain, and literally look stunning on all types of hair. Keep scrolling for all their ideas and the styling products they each can’t live without at the moment.

“Wavy hair screams body. Amp up the volume with a layered look like a playful shag or maybe face framing layers. I’m also partial to a good curtain bang paired with wavy hair because it feel so effortless and is always a showstopper. The JVN Air Dry Serum is so good and paired with Virtue’s texture spray, it’s a good combo.”

“Straight hair paired with a cool modern bob are a match made in heaven! Think January Jones. If your straight hair also equals flat hair, use a great volume shampoo and conditioner followed by a volumizing spray that thickens the hair. I love Christophe Robinson’s volume collection and it smells divine!” 

“Long, carved-out layers are great for curly hair. It takes some weight and will help make your hair more manageable (think Julia Roberts). Using Virtue’s Healing Oil plus Curling Mousse is a perfect foundation for all curly hair business.”

“Let your coily hair out. Let it shine! Shapes are so important when thinking of a haircut for coily hair. Make sure your stylist keeps your best features and face shape in mind when cutting your coily hair. I love all the products Bread Beauty Supply makes to keep moisture in coily hair and they protect it from the elements. You cannot go wrong with these products!”

“I love Christophe Robin’s Volume Collection and it smells divine!”

“This and JVN’s Air Dry Serum are so good. I use this on damp hair for protection and shine.”

Brager can only describe this hot air brush duo as “an absolute game changer for styling.”

“For those in-between days!”

I’ve been seeing a lot of gorgeous, piecey shoulder-length hair cuts as of late. Also, some looks that always catch my eye are a curly shag and an off the shoulder curly bob.”

For coily hair, one cut that immediately comes to mind is a beautiful layered, piecey Afro with bangs. I’ve also noticed that we’re moving towards more of a round look with a lot of face- and head-shaping cuts.”

There’s a huge ’90s influence [going on], but the cuts are more focused on face framing and they’re also longer as well. One look that’s also been pretty popular is the straight blunt bob with bangs.”

I love a mid-length shag! Shags have been everywhere as of late and I have no complaints. Curtain bangs and face-framing as well have been popular, which is probably why the wolf cut is so sought after right now.”

“This is perfect for setting the hair, and it defines curls perfectly.”

“For coily styles, I’d definitely have to recommend the wave-enhancing mousse. It helps to combat frizz while also defining coils.”

“The Texturizing Sea Mist is a must for wavy hair types. It’s great for achieving that beachy texture.”

The great thing about shoulder-length hair with bangs is that it has a fresh and crisp look, as the ends appear shaggy rather than weighed down. Curly hair tends to be thicker. And if cut too short, it can lose its sense of flow, so this style is really a favorite of mine for not only its convenience but the way it looks as well.”

I really am inspired by this refined and chic look. The geometric lob allows for a more editorial look while leaning into natural volume to play with different shapes. You can also add bangs to this look making it all the more trendy.”

I love how smart and sleek short Afros look. It’s a super-chic style for people with coily hair types and looks especially gorgeous with the proper hydration methods.” 

This is a go-to low-maintenance style that gives the hair natural movement, with minimal amount of trims. A simple run-through with a round brush and a blow dryer will have the hair looking stunning for any occasion.”

“A tapered cut can be tailored to the individual’s face shape and preferences. Typically, hair is longer at the top and progressively grows shorter towards the back and sides of the head. The top of the hair is left around two to four inches long in a standard taper haircut, while the remainder of the hair is cut shorter. Tapered cuts can be styled in a variety of ways including twists, twist-outs, flexi rods, wash and go, finger coils, braids, depending on the length of hair. You can add design portions or straighten your hair for an attractive bob or pixie cut.”

“Layered curls give your hair a light, airy shape while adding volume and movement. This style looks beautiful on curly hair that is medium to long length.”

“A wavy lob is a longer version of the bob that sits just above the shoulders. It’s an ideal style for those who don’t want to commit to either short or long hair. It increases volume and it’s the trendy cut admired by many for its face-framing abilities. It’s also low-maintenance and versatile (it’s long enough to effortlessly pin into an updo). It’s universally attractive on all facial shapes and hair types, too.”

“This is a versatile hairstyle that compliments women with oval, square, and heart-shaped faces. With its limitless varieties, this hairstyle is customizable and can be achieved on any hair type or texture. The bluntness of the ends beautifully emphasizes the jaw area and gives the wearer a strong and appealing appearance.”

“This helps maintain a tapered haircut. Silk pillowcases keep frizz, tangles, or knots at bay. Your hair glides over its smooth texture without friction. Those with textured and curly hair can really benefit from sleeping on silk to keep styles like braids and blowouts intact for longer without adding frizz.”

“[For curly styles], this works best to keep your hair hydrated. It softens your hair and adds curl definition without weighing it down. It works for all hair types from medium to thick natural hair.”

“This is a go-to product that can be used in multiple ways in your hair care routine. It’s super hydrating, prevents hair breakage for all hair types, treats dandruff, strengthens thin hair, all while promoting hair growth.”

“I recommend usingthis to maintain your blunt bob. The 360-degree floating plates allow for more mobility and less tension on the hair, which is important for minimizing breaking. The best feature is the heat settings, which range from 300 to 465 degrees Fahrenheit, allowing you to tailor the temperature to your hair type and texture. In just one glide, you can smooth, condition, and add sheen to your hair. It’s important to use a heat protectant on your hair before styling as this will protect your hair against heat damage.”

Taylor personally uses this deep treatment mask and loves it. It softens, strengthens, and provides major slip for curls.

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