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3 tips for the most welcoming guest room

Whenever guests come to stay, I want them to feel really at home from the moment they arrive. So when I decorated our guest room I looked to create a welcoming space that felt calm and special. Here are my top tips: 

  1. Floral textiles are one of my favourites; in particular, a crisp embroidered bedspread and plenty of very squishy pillows for an inviting touch. Guests often arrive tired after a long journey, so making the bed as sumptuous as possible, is essential. And I’m a sucker for chintz, so you’ll find a few frilled Sharland England scatter cushions in vintage fabrics, like these ones here.
  2. My love of antiques has always been a prominent feature at home, they give a unique and personal element to a room and evoke – to me at least- a sense of family history and nostalgia. Here, I’ve styled a vintage chair in a sunny corner, making for a perfect spot to put on your shoes.
  3. Bedside and dressing tables are where you can show off little details and amenities. Think like a boutique hotel: I leave a pretty decanter full of water, a Kilner jar of delicious biscuits, flowers in a little vase, a few of my favourite novels and a hand-painted tray – all within easy reach. The lamps are fitted with low-wattage orange bulbs, for an extra mellow atmosphere. Sweet dreams…


A cosy guest bedroom

A cosy guest bedroom

A cosy guest bedroom



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