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39 Denim Accessories That Are Surprisingly Chic

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Imaxtree/Blumarine; Imaxtree/Altuzarra; Imaxtree/Loewe

One perennial fact of fashion is that it’s constantly drawing inspiration from the past. Nothing is ever wholly new (besides talent)—it’s just been repackaged in a way that feels fresh. Once you recognize that fact, it’s easy to comprehend when certain pieces, trends, or silhouettes manage to make a comeback. But even with this awareness, the revival of specific items can catch you off guard occasionally. Such was the case for me with the revival of denim accessories. 

Denim is far from new, as we see designers take this tried-and-true textile each season and add a trendy twist. When it comes to the prevalence of this fabric, I shouldn’t be surprised, yet here I am with my jaw fully agape. And while I’ll admit I tend to be a little dramatic, anyone with an excellent memory can recall—and maybe cringe at—how denim reigned supreme in the aughts. It was a time when every It girl (from Beyoncé to Brittney Spears) was wearing a head-to-toe denim look almost to their detriment. 

That period is a massive contradiction from the way we’ve seen this textile used in recent seasons in the form of jeans and maybe the occasional Canadian tuxedo. But with the release of spring/summer 2023 collections and even fall, it became apparent that this fabric has subtly crept off trousers and jackets into accessories. Now, before you opt out of this trend, you’ll want to keep reading as I’ve broken down how it has reemerged on the runway and how the fashion set is styling it. Plus, I’ve shopped out the 39 best denim shoes, bags, belts, and even hats at every price point.

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