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48 Hours in The Mountains

Last week Mackenzie and I snuck off for a 48-hour getaway in the mountains. We haven’t had much time just the two of us lately, and it was lovely to see the sun, snow and eat our body weight in croissants (they were actually the best croissants I have ever eaten!). My favourite thing to slather on them? Myrtille jam, a local produce in Megeve, you can find some here.

On the first day, we visited the picturesque village of Megeve – beautiful cobbled streets, shops and restaurants nestled in the heart of the Alps. After an early dinner, we went to bed to catch some sleep for our big first day on the slopes. I just couldn’t wait, I grew up skiing and I feel so happy and relaxed when I am in the mountains. But Mackenzie would tell you that the real highlight has been dancing to a ‘mountain-top’ DJ! On our final day we enjoyed more skiing (of course) and then off to the spa to relax our sore muscles.

For short getaways like this, we typically bring just one small bag each, packed with essentials. Check out everything we brought along:



48h in the mountains - Mageve

48h in the mountains - Mageve

48h in the mountains - Mageve

48h in the mountains - Mageve



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