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Apple AirPods Black Friday deals 2022

Get your hands on the best AirPods deals on Black Friday 2022

Updated: Nov 22, 2022 5:31 pm

The Apple AirPods look set to be another consumer favorite this Black Friday, as they enjoy a long-lasting stay on the market. On this page we have detailed some of the different types of AirPods you will see in deals this Black Friday 2022. These are just compatible with Apple devices, but you can also connect AirPods to Windows laptops including Dell laptops.

If you already know the exact AirPods you’re looking to buy, take a gander at the article below to see the best Black Friday AirPods deals!

With the holiday season fast approaching and the cost of bills on the rise, we know that everyone is having to be careful with their money and that’s why Black Friday is the perfect time to get yourself a bargain before Christmas.

Best Apple AirPods deals 2022

While most people will be chasing down the latest iteration of Apple’s wireless earphones, there are plenty of reasons to seek out the older models. With the release of the latest versions, many sellers will want to make room for new stock, so finding a deal on these older models should be a breeze. Not only that, but these older models set the foundation that the newer devices have built upon, and still offer an incredible audio experience while being comfortable and coming with the same great style of charging carry case as the most recent editions do.

Whichever option is the right choice for you this Black Friday depends on your budget, what features and functionality you are interested in, and ultimately what discounts are available on each. With Black Friday just around the corner, stay tuned.

Where to find the best Apple AirPods deals

There are many reasons why AirPods have been so successful and popular since they were released. Not only do they make it convenient to listen to audio on your favorite Apple devices, but they’re also great for making calls while you’re on the go. They’re especially convenient since Apple and other brands have started removing audio jacks from hardware. Another great feature of these headphones compared with many others is the very sleek-looking case, which also acts as a battery backup to extend usability by quite a bit. 

We expect Apple’s range of AirPods to be on sale from every large retailer, of course as well as Apple stores around the world. We’ll do the heavy lifting and be giving you all the best deals right here on WePC, including other fantastic Apple deals.

Apple AirPods sales shortlist

Keep an eye on this shortlist, as it will be updated with the most recent related deals for you to enjoy:

Last year’s Black Friday deals for Apple AirPods

If we look at the best deals from just last year, we can see that Black Friday 2022 is going to be just as good – if not better:

US Deals
UK Deals
Canada Deals

$146.95 off

Apple AirPods Pro (Renewed)

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In stock

Apple AirPods® (2nd Generation)

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$120 Off

Apple AirPods Max (Silver)

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When will Apple AirPods Black Friday sales start in 2022?

We are excited for this time of year, so we aren’t surprised that this question comes up again and again. For the festivities in 2022, Black Friday is set to begin on November 25th. That doesn’t mean there are only 24 hours of sales to rush for! Just like every year, deals are going to appear around a couple of weeks prior to Black Friday, continuing throughout the weekend and following week too.

Apple AirPods are expected to be a highly contested product this Black Friday, so make sure you are on top of your game and on the hunt for the best deals during the weeks in the run up to, and after, November 25th.

How to get the best Apple AirPods Black Friday deals in 2022

For any devoted Apple fans out there, or anyone just looking for a fantastic deal this Black Friday 2022, we are here to provide you the biggest and best sales coming through this year. Make sure you stay tuned on our site, especially this page (we suggest bookmarking for to make things easier for you!).

Apple have an excellent selection of in-ear choices for all needs and budgets. There’s the standard AirPods, which now has a newer 3rd generation variant as well as the older 2nd generation AirPods. The AirPods Pro is the next step up and the most advanced of the in-ear AirPods.

The AirPods Max are available for those looking for a set of over-ear Apple headphones this Black Friday, and they are rather good. Users will enjoy superb sound quality across the board, through trebles, mids, and bass frequencies, which is up there with the likes of Bose headphones.

So, no matter which option suits you best – make sure you’re on the lookout for AirPods as we head closer and closer to November 25th.

What are some top features of Apple AirPods?

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that Apple AirPods are as popular as ever, let’s see why:

  • Audio quality is of course one of the highest priorities for consumers. Avid music listeners will not be disappointed with the quality on show with the range of Apple AirPod products out that. The sound quality is fantastic – perfectly clear for all.
  • Comfort & connectivity are two more points to touch on. Obviously comfort should be a top priority for something you may be using all day and we haven’t seen many complaints in this department. Connectivity is simple, and we all enjoy the ease of use. Pairing with another device such as an iPhone is effortless.
  • Aesthetics mean a lot to so many people out there. Fans deeply invested in the Apple brand will enjoy the sleek and iconic white earbuds design, which is not to be mistaken. This is heightened by the clean and compact AirPods charging case for a nice package.

When will Black Friday Apple AirPods deals end?

There’s not long to go now until Black Friday itself on November 25th and with many retailers already offering great savings now is the time to be looking for a deal. If for some reason you can’t yet commit to a purchase you might want to know when the sales are likely to end.

Cyber Monday will be hot on the heels of Black Friday on November 28th and you can expect deals to largely stay in place throughout the weekend and probably for a couple of days after as well.

Black Friday Apple AirPods FAQs

When do the Black Friday sales start in 2022?

The Black Friday Sales for 2022 start a week before 25th November, which is the day of the event itself.

Will Apple AirPods be the best choice on Black Friday?

It’s no doubt that the highly popular range of Apple AirPods products will be on the receiving end of some great deals this Black Friday. Apple AirPods are of the highest quality, so we suggest that you weigh up the options in your price range and make the best of these deals.

Where to find Black Friday AirPods deals?

Right here. The WePC team are working hard to keep this page updated with the best Apple AirPods deals that Black Friday 2022 has to offer.

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