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Are gaming laptops VR ready?

Are gaming laptops VR ready? Is my gaming laptop VR ready? Where am I?

Updated: Dec 20, 2022 2:14 pm

If you want to know Are gaming laptops VR ready? it really depends on the laptop, and also of the model of VR that you’re using.

Basically, if a laptop meets the system requirements of your particular VR headset, then you should (in theory) be able to use the two together. In reality minimum system requirements tend to be below what will get you an experience you’d actually enjoy, so we’d always add a bit more on top.

Additionally you may want to make sure your gaming laptop is future proofed for any VR upgrades or updates that may come in the future (more on this below).

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Is my gaming laptop VR ready?

Besides comparing individual system requirements of your VR headset against the specs of your current laptop, one of the best ways to see whether it’s got the minerals for VR is to try out the Steam Performance Test.

This test takes about two mins and gives you information at the end telling you which component (if any) is dragging down your performance.

Some gaming laptops that are VR ready

A solid choice for a VR ready gaming laptop is to pick and RTX 3060 laptop, which will comfortably play all brands and variants of VR headsets currently on the market.

If you’re looking to future proof yourself for future VR upgrades and updates, then an RTX 3070 laptop or RTX 3070 Ti laptop is your best bet.

A more budget-friendly option, which will run every current VR headset to some degree, if not with the best performance, but will still do well with the less demanding Oculus Quest 2 for instance, then a GTX 1660 Ti laptop is an affordable pick.

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