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Benchmarking Intel Core i9-13900k and NVIDIA RTX 4090

The past six weeks have been jam packed with product launches from each of the big three component makers – 13th Gen Intel Core, AMD Ryzen 7000 and NVIDIA RTX 4090. We’ve been hard at work qualifying each of these exciting new parts and adding them as configuration options to our award-winning desktops. Part of that testing process includes running benchmarks to evaluate performance, and we were so impressed with the Intel Core i9-13900k and NVIDIA RTX 4090, that we wanted to share. Read on to learn how this new hardware can improve frame rates for gamers and reduce render times for professionals.

I9-13900k Cinebench Benchmarks

First, the screenshot of the Cinebench results from that video showing that blistering multicore score of over 41,000.

i9-13900k Cinebench

For some context, check out the AMD Threadripper 2990WX, a 32-core workstation processor designed specifically for highly threaded workloads with a score of 30,054. The 13900k bests it by over 35%! Here are some more results for comparison:


As you you can see, the 13900k posts the best single and multi threaded scores in a list that includes AMD Ryzen’s new flagship 7950X, 3rd Gen Threadripper, and previous gen Intel Core and Core X processors. Impressive stuff, especially for CPU intensive work loads like content creation and CAD design.

NVIDIA RTX 4090 3DMark Benchmarks

This next set of screenshots are from 3DMark which will give us more information on the graphics performance than did the CPU-based Cinebench. First, Time Spy Extreme, which measures 4K gaming:

RTX 4090 3D Mark Time Spy

Time Spy Extreme scores can vary widely depending on the clock and cooler, but 13,000 with a single 3090 Ti is generally considered a good score, with the record coming from an overclocked liquid cooled 3090 Ti at 14,611. Suffice to say, this +33% increase over the previous world record is nothing short of astonishing, demonstrating an incredible generational leap for the RTX 4090.

Next is 3D Mark Speed Way, which measures Ray Tracing capability:

RTX 4090 3D Mark Speed Way

Similar to the previous benchmark, this one shows huge performance gains over the 3090 Ti’s average score of around 6,500. That’s +54%. Just incredible.

This is obviously just a quick summation of what we’ve found during our testing, but I think it’s safe to say that considering the generational leap in both CPU and GPU performance that these numbers display, now may be a perfect time to upgrade to a new gaming or workstation PC.

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