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Best DXRacer Gaming Chair 2022

Which DXRacer gaming chair is the best choice? Let’s find out.

Updated: Dec 16, 2022 3:34 pm

The best DXRacer gaming chair is a question we get quite often. This makes sense as DXRacer has been around as long as anyone else in the gaming chair game.

This means they’ve had a lot of time to hone their craft and perfect their products in this category. As a result of this, they make a lot of different gaming chairs for differing sizes, applications, and personal aesthetic priorities.

So, we thought we’d go over the DXRacer gaming chair range so you know which is which and what you should get in 2022.

Things to consider when picking the best DXRacer gaming chair

It’s important to realize here that you are going to be buying a piece of furniture that will hopefully last you many years, and, more importantly, provide you with a level of comfort while you are sitting at your PC, that you might not have previously had. Therefore, before you click Buy, spare a thought for the following.


The cost of gaming chairs can vary quite dramatically. the big-name companies are all going to be charging considerably more for their wares but there is a reason for that. generally, the materials used are of much higher quality, this is how the cheaper manufacturers can trim down their prices so much. With this trimming down also comes a reduction in comfort. Extra support cushions aren’t included, the foam used in the seat and back sections won’t be as high quality and may lose its shape quicker than you would like. The seat itself might not recline or even feel as sturdy.

What we are saying, and we certainly don’t always suggest you go for the higher ticket items, but when it comes to gaming chairs you generally get what you pay for. It all depends on how happy you are to compromise.


The last couple of years has definitely seen a move away from the huge gamification of gaming chairs. No longer are we only different bright green chairs with orange lightning bolts emblazoned across them but you can now get high-quality gaming chairs that do not look out of place in any corner of your home. You need to decide whether you want one that’s more akin to a big padded ‘bosses’ office chair or stick with the racing style so popular in years gone by. It’s also worth considering you may redecorate before your chair reaches the end of its life so that the bright yellow racing chair may not fit in so well in the future.

Weight Limit

The weight limit on most of these gaming chairs is less of a concern than on a traditional office or computer chair. That’s because these chairs are already based on the floor, and therefore aren’t likely to collapse if they have a sturdy frame.

Chair Size w logo 2

The only real exceptions to these rules are the Intex Inflatable Chair and the X Rocker Pedestal Chair. The Inflatable Chair is much more strict about its weight limit since it risks popping if you go over it, while the Pedestal in the other chair may give away if you stress it too much for too long.

Besides those chairs, though, you’re probably just fine being 350+ lbs and using these chairs on the floor. They should be reasonably comfortable, too, but you can also check the measurements on them if you’re particularly wide.


Gaming chairs have a height and weight capacity like any other chair.

Most of them can only support up to 250 lbs while some can handle weights of up to 400 lbs. Similarly, some chairs are smaller and can only accommodate heights up to 5’5” while some have high backrests that can support over 6’ in height.

Chair Egonomics w logo 4

Choose a gaming chair that can at least support 20 lbs more than your current weight. And since it’s unlikely you’ll shoot up another foot anytime soon, just go with a chair that’s close to your height or a little slightly above.


If you’re spending big money on a gaming chair, it needs to be ergonomically sound. This will help prevent back pain and improve overall comfort, performance, and longevity. This means we need good lumbar support (preferably adjustable), neck support, and a range of adjustments to fit you specifically. Refer to the infographic above if you need a more visual indication of how to sit correctly. Additionally, we’ve written an ultimate guide to gaming comfort that contains advice on posture and ergonomics.

Make sure it fits with your current setup

One thing many people forget when buying a chair is that it needs to be small enough to fit close to their desk. This means you should have a good idea of just how tall and wide your chair is.


Features are another big thing, but the main one at play here is audio.

For whatever reason, most people expect gaming chairs to have built-in speakers for an immersive gaming audio experience. If this interests you and you don’t mind a few extra steps of setup, you should probably opt into it.

If this doesn’t interest you, though, don’t waste your money. Focus on buying a comfortable chair instead.

Why buy a DXRacer gaming chair?

Founded in 2001, DXRacer started off as a manufacturer of car seats that were used in luxury sports cars. That tells you a lot — having started as a high-end brand, DXRacer had a very solid base on which to build upon when they expanded into manufacturing gaming chairs.

They were, in fact, the first brand to create an original gaming chair back in 2006. The world of esports was nowhere near as booming as it is now, but that is where DXRacer had its gaming roots. From then on, it was a quick road all the way to the top of the line and to the widespread popularity of gaming chairs all over the world.

Aside from being renowned all over the world, DXRacer simply makes good-quality chairs. Having paved the way for such products in the gaming market, the brand was able to research what exactly makes a good chair. They’ve put that knowledge to excellent use and now, you’d be hard-pressed to find a brand with a wider range than what DXRacer has to offer.

Ranging from budget chairs for the less-demanding users to amazing chairs almost straight out of a racing car, there’s something in here for everyone.

Which DXRacer gaming chair is best for you?

As DXRacer has paved the way for other brands to begin manufacturing gaming chairs, it’s not a surprise that their range is spectacularly wide.

It’s just like we said previously — there’s something in here for everyone. There are the S size chairs which are suited for shorter people, medium-size that fits most, and large size for those that are tall and like a bit of extra space in their chair.

The chairs also differ by tilt mechanisms, gas lift class, armrest types, and of course, budget. DXRacer chairs can vary wildly in price depending on the kind of model you pick up and they cover both the budget and high-end sides of the market.

There are also countless chair designs, varying in color and style, from their new MapleStory limited range to chairs that look as if they were pulled straight out of a futuristic movie.

With such a wide array of possibilities, how do you pick the chair that is suited to your unique needs? We’ve got you covered. Let’s talk about the best DXRacer gaming chairs on the market.

The best DXRacer gaming chairs 2022

Ok, now we know what to look for, lets’s see which ones are the best, and which ones fail to pass muster

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