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Best Macbook Pro alternatives 2022 *deals still live!*

The best MacBook Pro alternatives on the market, plus the best deals on these devices

Updated: Dec 21, 2022 6:56 pm

The best Macbook Pro alternatives in 2022 come in various subtypes and price points for those who want the greater flexibility (and value for money) that non-Apple laptops can bring. This guide is dedicated to helping you find the best Macbook Pro alternative for your needs, covering the premium, high-quality devices, with displays, build quality, and aesthetic design to match the MacBook, as well as the more affordable options and/or workhorses for office or school use.

This page will be focused around Windows laptop alternatives to the MacBook Pro, however, do be sure to have a look at our best Chromebook guide for some more affordable Chrome OS options, should this be something you’re considering.

December Macbook Pro alternatives deals

The following is a list of the best laptop deals in December 2022 on some of the selections on this page. Get them while they’re still in stock!:

If you’re still thinking about going for the ol’ Apple laptop, then also check out our Macbook Pro deals December 2022 page.

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Things to Consider when shopping for MacBook Pro alternatives

Price of MacBooks vs Windows laptops

As mentioned above, Windows laptops generally offer better value than MacBooks. You can get a laptop with the same core specs as a MacBook for substantially cheaper, and it will usually be able to get more processing power out of its CPU & GPU to boot. Apple products usually have a substantial markup compared to a lot of competing brands, basically due to the power of the brand as well as their reputation for high-quality, nice-looking machines. Still – there are several MacBook alternatives that can compete with Apple in these areas.

Speaker quality

It’s an undeniable fact that MacBooks generally have the best laptop speakers on the market, so this is one area in which Windows devices often fail to compete. Nevertheless, there are some exceptions. If you’re after a gaming device then ASUS gaming laptops usually have the best, though they still don’t match up to the MacBook’s. Non-gaming Windows laptops get closer, like the Dell XPS series and also the HP Envy X360 and HP Spectre X360, the latter of which are just as good as the best Apple laptop in this area, and so are true MacBook Pro alternatives for audiophiles.

Retina Display vs OLED displays vs Liquid Retina XDR

‘Retina Display’ is a branded term used by Apple to describe displays they produce for their MacBooks that have a higher pixel density than you’d typically see – the intention being to make it impossible to see the individual pixels themselves from a normal viewing distance. The term can be used to describe either LCD or OLED displays that match this criteria as far as Apple are concerned.

OLED displays are defined by… See our best OLED laptop guide for more info and other buying suggestions.

Finally, Liquid Retina XDR displays are another Apple-branded categorization, which use a form of Mini LED technology with local dimming, plus the aforementioned ‘Retina’ pixel density. Like other Mini LED displays they have the advantage over most OLED screens in terms of a higher peak brightness for outdoor viewing, but can’t compete with OLED displays in terms of contrast ratio or response times.

The Best MacBook Pro alternatives 2022

Dell XPS 15 (15-inch, OLED) 2021

Dell XPS 13

Intel Core i7-11800H / i9-11900H

Nvidia GeForce RTX 3050 Ti