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Best motherboard for Intel Core i9-13900K

Today we will explore the best motherboard choice for the Intel Core i9-13900K and briefly explain why it is the best.

Updated: Mar 16, 2023 11:20 am

Best motherboard for 13900K

Intel released it’s new Raptor Lake CPUs in September 2022, and since then we’ve been pleasantly surprised at just how much of a lead Intel has over AMD. The 13900K specifically does better than the 7950X and for less money to boot. But enough about the 13900K’s achievements, what’s the best motherboard for the Core i9-13900k?

We’re particularly excited about the 13900K and all of the performance it brings to the table. You will not be left wanting after picking up one of these CPUs.

We’ve all seen the performance metrics of the Raptor Lake flagship over the top-dog Alder Lake CPU, they were most recently revealed to us by Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger at Intel’s latest Innovation event.

Pat went on to reveal that the Raptor Lake family will have a flagship CPU containing up to 24 Performance and Efficiency cores, up to a 15% better single-core performance gain, and up to 41% better multi-thread performance gain. That’s a serious performance gain considering Intel is on record basically saying that Raptor Lake is just to bridge the gap between the 12th and 14th generations.

We need one heck of a motherboard to utilize all the power coming from the 13900K, that’s why we’ve selected the best Z790 motherboards out there to date. Buckle up because we’re about to run through the best motherboards for the Intel Core i9-13900K.

There may be some hardware here that was released in 2022 or earlier, but we assure you that this is still the best hardware for the job. We will update the article when more hardware becomes available.

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The Intel Core i9-13900K is designed to be the best of the best, donning an extra eight E-cores over the last generation 12900K. The 13900K also has a much higher base and boost core frequency, all thanks to some serious advancements in core technology.

The specifications for the i9-13900K are as follows: 

  • Cores: P-cores 8 / E-cores 16
  • Threads: 32
  • Base clock frequency: P-cores 3 GHz / E-cores 2.2 GHz
  • Boost clock frequency: P-cores 5.8 GHz / E-cores 4.3 GHz
  • L3 cache: 36MB
  • Default TDP: 125 W / 253 W boost.
  • iGPU: Intel UHD graphics 770

Things to consider when looking for the best motherboard for Core i9-13900K 

Here are some things to consider when picking up a new motherboard for the Core i9-13900K. 


Bear in mind that the only socket that will fit the i9-13900K is socket LGA 1700. Any other CPU socket is incompatible with the Core i9-13900K. All of Intel’s 12th and 13th-generation CPUs use socket LGA 1700. 

Currently, there are only two motherboard generations that carry socket LGA 1700, these are the Intel 600 series, and the Intel 700 series. For example, the flagship chipset for both of these motherboard generations would be the Z690 and the Z790. This is not to be confused with AMD’s 600 series motherboard line-up. 


Corsair Dominator DDR5 RAM 2

Intel first introduced DDR5 memory support with its 12th-generation CPUs, offering the chance for users to upgrade to a platform supporting the new standard of memory. Intel, however, also manufactured DDR4 capable motherboards for the 12th gen CPUs to ease the transition as DDR5 memory at the time (and still is) pretty expensive. 

You’ll be pleased to know that Intel is offering the same choice with its 13th-generation Raptor Lake CPUs. Intel is allowing the manufacture of both DDR4 and DDR5 motherboards on the LGA 1700 platform. You just have to make sure you pick the right motherboard/memory combo. 


You want a motherboard that will support the latest technology since you’re packing one of the best CPUs in the market into it. The latest and greatest include USB 4.0, PCIe Gen 5, and the new NVME SSD dimension support. Features can really determine a motherboard’s worth, especially when opting for a specific motherboard for a specific use case.

If you’re a renderer and need lots of GPUs running at the same time, you might opt for a motherboard that has a lot of PCIe X16 slots. Or, if you work with audio, you might want lots of USB output and a decent sound chip. It depends entirely on the use case you have in mind for your PC.

Why is motherboard choice important when building a PC?

The motherboard is an essential component of a PC, and the choice of motherboard is important for several reasons:

  • Compatibility: The motherboard must be compatible with the CPU, memory, and other components that you plan to use on your PC. This includes the socket type, which must match the socket type of the CPU, as well as the memory and expansion slot types.
  • Features: The motherboard provides the interface for connecting all of the components in your PC, and the choice of the motherboard can affect the features that are available to you. For example, some motherboards have built-in Wi-Fi or Thunderbolt connectivity, while others do not. Some motherboards also have additional features such as RGB lighting and overclocking capabilities.
  • Expansion: The motherboard determines the number and type of expansion slots that are available, which can affect the future upgradeability of your PC. For example, if you plan to add a dedicated graphics card in the future, you will need a motherboard with a PCIe slot.
  • Power delivery: The motherboard is responsible for delivering power to the CPU and other components, so the quality of the power delivery can affect the stability and performance of your PC. A high-quality motherboard with robust power delivery can help to ensure that your PC runs smoothly and is less likely to experience issues such as system crashes or blue screens.
  • Brand and Quality: The brand and quality of the motherboard also play a role in the overall performance and stability of the system. Some brands are known for their high-quality products and offer better warranties and support than others.


The Intel 13th-generation CPUs require more power than previous generations. In fact, these are some of the highest TDPs we have ever seen from a desktop CPU. Over 250W of TDP can be produced by the 13900K in its default state alone. Because of this, you’re going to want a motherboard with at least a 20 + 2 power stage configuration.

Best motherboard for Intel Core i9-13900K

The i9-13900K spares no expense when it comes to technology and performance, so we’ve picked the best of the best to pair it with. 

Here are the top motherboards for the Intel Core i9-13900K:



3459202 a

USB 3.2 Gen 2×2 Type-C and front-panel connector with Quick Charge 4+ up to 60W, eight USB 3.2 Gen 2, and two PCIe 5.0 x16 SafeSlots