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Blissful- Our Pink Gaming PC Series with Colorful Options!

Blissful- AVADirect’s Pink, Purple, and Blue Gaming PC Series

In a landscape of gaming computers dominated by modern, dark, and edgy designs, you notice that there’s something missing. We felt inspired to chase an aesthetic that manifests feelings of tranquility, peace, and cozy spaces. Manifesting these vibes, we put together a pink gaming PC featuring a pink case accented with custom vinyl designs.  

No need to sort through thousands of components to find the perfect white sleeved cables. Blissful is a pre-built gaming PC series that still features options on the components that matter. Choose your motherboard, CPU, power supply and graphics card. Brand, model, and all.  

Choose from a preselected variety of cooling, memory, and storage options. These components offer the best value when it comes to aesthetic PC builds. Not every PC part is built with looks in mind, but these preselected options look and perform the best in our experience.  

What is a pink gaming PC? 

It is fun, it is blooming, it subverts the trend. It is a gaming PC built in a pink PC case. Typically, pink PC builds feature white components to better accentuate such a unique case. What is an aquamarine gaming PC? It’s chill, it’s cool and relaxed. Choose a blue PC case for your blissful gaming PC. What is a purple gaming PC? It’s vibrant, it’s royal, and mysterious. We offer our Blissful series in select purple PC cases.  

How to build a pink PC? 

If you want to build a pink gaming PC, you will need to start with a pink PC case. Once you have found a nice case with good airflow, you will need to figure out what components you would like to fill it with. Most components feature a lot of gray coloring with brightly colored accents, and these may not accentuate your pink PC case as much as you would like. While white components are a bit rarer and usually more expensive, they sure do make a pink gaming PC look well-built. 

Building a Pink Gaming PC with AVADirect 

This series targets color options that have never been typical in the gaming PC market pink, purple, and Aquamarine with your choice of flower or star graphics on the side panel. We have an offering for each size class, ATX in Pink or Aquamarine, MATX in Pink, or our most varied option ITX in Pink, Purple, and Aquamarine. Build your colorful gaming pc with AVADirect. 

Pink gaming PC with flowers

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