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Brooks Hyperion Elite 3 Review

Brooks Hyperion Elite 3 Introduction

Brooks first made its super shoe debut in 2018 when Desiree Linden won the Boston Marathon. This is the third version of the Hyperion Elite. It’s a super lightweight shoe that is breathable, built for speed, and offers high-end technology.

The top area that was updated would be the new redesigned upper that is sleek and the nitrogen-infused DNA Flash midsole. The midsole is almost identical to the previous model but the revamped upper takes this shoe’s game up a notch. It’s lockdown is very known and appeals to all types of runners.

It’s a neutral running shoe that has an 8mm midsole drop and weighs in at 8.1oz. There are no specifications for men’s and women’s versions since it is a unisex shoe. This was my first experience with this. To determine your size, you will have to size down 1.5 sizes below your normal women’s size or just convert your women’s size to a men’s size online. They only go down to a 5 in men so if you need a smaller size you’ll not be able to get them.

They come in a wide option for those runners who need some extra space. They do fit true to size and I enjoyed their overall feel on my foot.

It will cost you $250 which is pricey. Do I think it’s justifiable? I would say no. After all the shoes I have tried I would say it’s nothing more special than my $160 daily trainers.

Another super shoe that I love would be the Saucony Endorphin Pro 3. It’s a little cheaper but it checks all the boxes I look for in a super shoe.

Brooks Hyperion Elite 3 First Impressions

My first impression of the HE3 was an all-around positive one.

You open the box and see a beautifully crafted shoe that takes on an into-the-future look. The color they come in is this light sea foam green. It’s pretty cool and I have gotten plenty of compliments on how much people love the color of my shoes.

When you pick them up you notice how firm and light they are and this is the same feeling you get when you slide your feet into them. Slipping them on is easy and my first run in them was an easy one.

I did 4 miles at a moderate pace. To be completely honest, I didn’t care for them during that first run. I’ve been so used to wearing max-cushioned trainers that when I tested these out I was instantly turned off.

I knew though that I needed to test them out on my speed days. The following day I did just that and that’s where they shined.

They provide you with the right amount of firmness and bounce. A lot of the time you keep race day shoes in their box and only get them out for the big events but this is where I believe the HE3s differ.

Your training runs are just as significant. They are perfect for training at those higher efforts but don’t have as much pop as other super shoes that are out there like the Nike Air Zoom Alphafly Next%2.

This leads you to work a tad harder during your training runs and on race day you put on another top carbon fiber plated shoe and it feels easier.

Brooks Hyperion Elite 3 Upper

The biggest update of the shoe would be it’s upper. Design-wise and material, Brooks has definitely stepped it up a notch. It’s made with QuicKnit which is an elastic fabric that has supreme durability qualities as well as breathable. This type of knit upper offers just the right amount of support to give you that all-over locked-down feel. There are no overlays, which gives the shoe a clean look.

The heel and collar area has added some padding which makes for a comfortable feel. I had no issues with my heel slipping but I did have problems with some rubbing on the outside of my ankle due to the collar. I just switched up my socks and have no issues with them again.

The tongue is semi-gusseted and one of my favorite things about the shoes is the laces. They are flat, serrated, and have ridges. Allowing you to have a good locked-down fit with absolutely no worries about your laces coming undone.

You don’t have to double-knot them! As a parent and youth soccer coach, I wish I could get these laces for all my kid’s shoes and cleats. It would save everyone a lot of time tying and retying shoes. This particular upper has been my favorite upper Brooks has used so far.

Brooks Hyperion Elite 3 Sole Unit

The sole of the HE3 is the same design as the last model. It is classified as a super shoe and has a full-length carbon fiber plate.

To get a snappy forward bound, Brooks has combined their Running Rapid Roll with the carbon plate technology. The toe-off gives you a great amount of energy return and the DNA Flash Foam is firm and stable.

I had no problems turning over my feet when I picked up my pace. You may not get the “pop” you are looking for in a super shoe but you will get a lightweight quality trainer that will make your tempo runs enjoyable.

Brooks’ first edition of the Hyperion was made with DNA Zero Foam then they moved to DNA Flash Foam for HE2 and now HE3. This move was the superior choice in foams. With this change, you get a faster ride with a slightly springier ride.

I tested them out in various conditions such as rain and sleet and on different surfaces. They are made for road or track in dry conditions.

Brooks Hyperion Elite 3 Conclusions

The Brooks Hyperion Elite 3 is a comfortable shoe that will surely leave you feeling satisfied.

It’s a great shoe for speed training runs and is a good fit for a race-day shoe if you are a moderate runner.

Elite runners would benefit from this shoe for training but may want to look at other options for race day. It’s a fun shoe to run in, although a bit pricey.

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