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Brooks Hyperion Tempo Review | Running Shoes Guru

Brooks Hyperion Tempo Introduction

The Brooks Hyperion Tempo is a lightweight daily training shoe that will get you excited to lace them up, get out there, and pound the pavement. It was built for speed and offers a sleek performance fit.

The midsole does run a bit firm but also is comfortable enough to give you just the right amount of responsiveness.

Brooks adds in all their updated technology such as DNA Flash foam that allows for lightweight/fast runs. New improved shoe laces that are my new favorite. And lastly, their Performance Fit upper that I see no complaints with.

It’s a very lightweight shoe that weighs in at 6.7 oz and is made for the neutral runner. They have an 8mm heel-to-toe drop. This also gives the shoe a great feel of stabilization.

You’ll pay $150 but with all the great technology they offer, I think this is justifiable. They also fall right into many other daily trainer price ranges.

You can take this shoe the distance but since the midsole isn’t the plushest, I prefer a long-distance shoe that has max cushioning. The Brooks Hyperion Elite 3 would be a good option but a little pricey or the Brooks Hyperion Max.

Brooks Hyperion Tempo First Impressions

To start, I love the brand, Brooks. I tested the Brooks Hyperion Elite 3’s and thought they were a good speed trainer but very overpriced. I was excited to see what the Tempos offered. Right away I noticed how lightweight they were when I picked them up. The second area I noticed right away was the upper. It’s fantastic. I wish they would have put this upper material on the Hyperion Elite 3.

I received the colorway called ice flow/navy/pink. The midsole is this bright neon pink with the upper being a lighter gray. It looks great together. Brooks offers them in many other colors. If you like a more traditional style you’ll be sure to find one that suits you. They fit true to size and have no problems breaking them in.

Putting them on for the first time you’ll notice how firm they feel with the slight rocker in the midsole. While the upper makes it feel like you’re wearing a sock. They could possibly be a shoe I wouldn’t wear socks with, but I’m super weird with always having to wear socks when running.

My first run in them was a 5 miler at a decent pace. I was hooked afterwards. I could feel the firmness throughout the run but it was just the right amount of support while running at higher speeds and no other bulk like some other daily trainers

Brooks Hyperion Tempo Upper

The upper is my absolute favorite upper I’ve tested out lately. It’s made out of a single-layer fabric. There are no overlays. This allows for a secure fit that makes sure your foot doesn’t move during those speed sessions.

Brooks calls it their “performance fit.” It’s known for being a breathable stretch upper that allows for max ventilation. If you look closely to the upper you’ll see tiny holes placed all over the toe box area. It runs on the narrow side but even on those longer runs, I didn’t have any problems with my toes feeling constricted.

The laces are another interesting area that is a nice added feature Brooks gives you. They too are lightweight and stretchy. I was able to get a tight locked-down fit but still didn’t feel like my foot was being suffocated.

The materials of the upper and laces allowed for my foot to feel secure yet snug. The only downside to the laces would be, when they are pulled tight I would end up with too much lace.

The tongue is lightly padded and stays in place from the laces. Looking at the heel counter it doesn’t seem like a lot going on but as soon as you place your feet in them you’ll notice how perfectly they hug your heel. I experienced no slipping or rubbing. The lightly padded collar was spot on.

Brooks Hyperion Tempo Sole Unit

The midsole is comprised of Brooks DNA FLASH FOAM. It has been engineered from lightweight materials and infused with nitrogen. This gives the shoe the best combination of energy return and feather-like feeling. It will help to adapt to your own stride and allow you to run at your fastest speeds. All of Brooks’s cushioning technologies start with DNA because they react to your unique stride.

A shoe that uses a very similar midsole would be the Skechers Hyperburst. They differ due to the choice of solvents used in the process of infusing the midsole.

Skechers uses a blend of CO2-N2, with CO2 being the main component. Brooks uses more Nitrogen.

A quick rundown on how this happens.

  • Running shoe midsoles are usually made by placing chemical-blowing agents into the EVA blends.
  • When they are molding the midsole, the chemicals are released as air bubbles, which in return, create tons of air pockets throughout the inside of the foam.

If you look closely at the midsole of the Tempos you notice them. This process is what gives the shoes their responsiveness and cushioning.

Brooks Hyperion Tempos are not overly springy and cushioned due to the process of blowing air bubbles into the midsoles. The tempos have more condensed, smaller bubbles throughout. This makes them have a better connection to the ground. Brooks was not the first to introduce this technology into the running world. New Balance did with their N2 inserts.

The outsole of the shoe is extremely grippy. You’ll notice the entire forefoot and heel are covered with rubber to make sure there is no slipping. I tested them out in wet, dry, and snowy conditions and they performed exceptionally well.

Brooks Hyperion Tempo Conclusions

My conclusion on the Brooks Hyperion Tempo is that I loved it.

It’s a great shoe that was created to be used for faster training miles.

It has everything you would want in a road training shoe like great traction, superb durability, and a sleek overall design. I highly recommend adding this shoe to your mix!

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