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Buying a Pre-built PC vs Ordering a Custom Computer from a System Integrator

You might as yourself, “what is a pre-built computer?” while searching for your new custom computer.  What is the difference between buying from a systems integrator or driving to Best Buy and purchasing a PC Tower from their shelf? Let us dive into the differences!

A pre-built computer is a computer you can purchase straight out of the box. You cannot pick or choose your components, like you can with a custom SI such as us. It is as simple as what you see is what you get. However, the straight out of the box experience could be exactly what some people are looking for.  While there are benefits, there are cons as well. A big one is a lot of the components inside are OEM (original equipment manufacturer) meaning that you do not have a warranty if those parts die, and you are outside the manufacturer warranty on the pre-built.  Another one, and this me being nitpicky, is the cable management.  You will not get as much care in that area as you would with a company like AVADirect Custom Computers.

Should you go with a pre-built versus a custom computer from an SI?

Depends on the urgency of needing a PC.  SI versus pre-built is simple: An SI you are going to wait 15-30 days for a custom computer whereas a pre-built can go be purchased at a lot of retailers such as Best Buy, Walmart, ETC.  But going with an SI you have control over the components that go into your system, you are getting a premium line of support, and the cable management – oooooof.

Are you interested in a truly custom computer?  Well, you are in the right place!  You can use our configurator to pick each part down to a T.  Build your own PC with Instabuilder for a simple configuration process.  Want personal assistance?  You can reach out to our awesome sales team, and they will help you every step of the way.

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