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Custom Gaming Laptops – What are they and are they worth it?

As someone who used to travel quite a bit, I found myself bored in the hotel rooms. I was pretty much limited to Adult Swim or going to sleep. However, that didn’t have to be the case. I could have invested in a gaming laptop. What is a custom gaming laptop? How is it different from a regular laptop? Well, let’s dive into that world, shall we?

Portable, powerful, and HOT gaming laptops in your area

Gaming laptops are portable laptops that have high-end components designed for laptop use. Featuring mGPUs, these graphics cards sacrifice performance for its small form factor. Only a little performance is lost, are they are very similar to their comparable desktop models. In some cases, depending on the manufacturer and model of the custom gaming laptop, you can add desktop CPUs and swap out memory modules. M.2 SSDs and 2.5 inch SSDs/HDDs are also customizable. This does come at a cost, gaming laptops get hot. I wouldn’t recommend putting these on your lap if you are planning on doing some serious portable gaming.

Custom ASUS Zenboom Pro Duo 15

Best uses for custom gaming laptops?

If I were to invest in a gaming laptop, it would be for the simple fact of if I traveled. You could, of course, use it at home and have a setup that way.. The traveling aspect is much more appealing to me. As I stated in the intro, when I was living out of hotels due to work, I would have nothing to do. Granted, hotel Wi-Fi is not the best, but you can play single player games (and we all know Wesley loves his single player games).

These laptops don’t have to be strictly for gaming, either. While there are workstation laptops, gaming laptops can be great for work. If you are a content creator, these can be used for editing videos (while it is overkill). You can do workstation tasks on these, given you have a high-end CPU and a decent amount of memory.

Differences in laptop gaming vs desktop gaming

The biggest drawback when using a gaming laptop is the performance. The units in a desktop (GPUs mostly) are more powerful than the mobile GPUs, or mGPU. There will be a noticeable difference if you are comparing a mobile 3080 to a desktop 3080. That doesn’t mean it won’t perform well, just not as well as a desktop 3080. Another drawback is the screen. If you are using the laptop at home, you can hook the unit to monitors, and it will work as a desktop. A lot of gaming laptop screens do have high refresh rates these days, as well as great color in certain models. A monitor is included in the cost of gaming laptop. If you don’t have a home setup you’ll need to buy a gaming pc and a monitor that won’t bottleneck your graphics. Gaming laptops come with, as well as regular or workstation laptops, a built-in keyboard and trackpad. While I wouldn’t recommend using the trackpad for gaming, the keyboard will do you just fine.

Build a custom gaming laptop at AVADirect

Gaming laptops are neat and powerful units that you can take on the go or use at home in place of a regular desktop. While I am not a fan of them, as they don’t suit my needs, they could be perfect for you. Interested in getting a gaming laptop? Well, you are in luck! You can use are awesome configurator to put together a gaming laptop to suit all of your needs with brands such as Asus, Gigabyte, MSI, or Clevo. You can also reach out to our sales team if you want assistance each step of the way in configuring the laptop of your dreams!

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