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Cyber Monday Novatech deals 2022

Needing to spruce up your PC? Check out these Novatech Cyber Monday deals.

Updated: Nov 14, 2022 3:17 pm

For all your gaming hardware and pre-built needs, the best Novatech Cyber Monday deals should deliver plenty of price-slashed bargains. Novatech is one of the leading retailers for PC-related goods in the UK. Selling everything from pre-built gaming rigs and components to monitors and peripherals.

With 30 years in the game under their belt. Novatech rubs shoulders with Scan and Overclockers UK as one of the go-to hardware outlets here on the rainy isles.

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Best Cyber Monday Novatech deals

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Historically, the outlet deploys a range of Cyber Monday deals on SSDs, monitors, motherboards, keyboards, mice, and headsets. However, the best savings are likely to land on prebuilt PCs, one of Novatech’s main products.

The shortage of GPUs, especially the latest-gen RTX-series cards; has us expecting the steepest markdowns on Novatech‘s pre-built PCs sporting 16-series and possibly 20-series NVIDIA GeForce cards.

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Novatech’s Reign line-up has a flavor for all budgets. From the entry-level Scout Pro designed to confidently handle top eSports titles at 1080p to the Vanguard Extreme and its beefy RTX 3090 and Core i9 11900K combo.

Novatech tends to favor NVIDIA GPUs. With only a single build equipped with an AMD Radeon RX 6600 XT currently for sale. One for NVIDIA fans.

What are the best Cyber Monday Novatechdeals?

We’ve corralled a curated selection of the best Novatech Cyber Monday deals. Our bargain-hunting teams have been hard at work trawling through Novatech’s site. So you’ll only find the most up-to-date snapshot of the retailer’s Cyber Monday offering.

Novatech anticipates limited stock, so we can’t stress the importance of snapping up any deals as soon as they go live.

Hesitation is guaranteed to lead to disappointment. We recommend booking this page to grant yourself the best chance of securing that dream prebuilt PC or cut-price component this Cyber Monday.

Does Novatech do Cyber Monday deals?

Yes. As one of the UK’s most prolific custom PC companies, they won’t be missing out on the sales season.

Are Novatech PCs good?

Yes. The PC built by Novatech are known to be good value, and reliably built.

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