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Dare to Be BOLD with Timberland | Office Loves Timberland




For the launch of our Dare To Be Bold campaign with Timberland we have partnered with two lovely ladies… Korede Alabi & Jennifer Eleto 💛

Both seasoned stylists with the sickest personal style who epitomise BOLD & COOL. 👊

How would you encourage others to live more BOLDLY?

Jen: I’d say you’ve got to be a little bit delusional.” 

Korede: think about the way you’d want to be received and try to exude that energy as much as you possibly can.”

What outfit makes you feel the most BOLD and confident?

Jen: I’m wearing it – animal print!” 

What is one quality you admire most in Jen?

Korede: She really tries to make sure that everybody feels included.”

🦋 The Timberland Sky Boot that will give any outfit that BOLD edge 🦋

Tell us about a time you’ve had to push boundaries to get to where you are today?

Korede: I didn’t study anything related to styling, I did politics and economics which is totally unrelated. So I think pushing boundaries really came when I had to prove that I wanted to be a stylist and why.”

Jen:I’d say probably when I was coming up, there wasn’t a lot of people like me when I was coming up so that’s a boundary I had to push. So now I try to make sure I represent for others who look like me as well.”

We all love a touch of glitter with it being perfect for the approaching Christmas szn. The Lyonsdale Boots offer the perfect base to your everyday fits’ but will add a lil something something to make them POP. 🤍

Get READY to stomp your way into winter with the Timberland Lyonsdale Boots. We are obsessed with the green sole!!!! Pair these with mini skirt to show off those pins. 💚

This colourway of the Lyonsdale is to die for. ✨ Who says winter boots have to be black anyway?

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These will be WORTH the wait ladies. The Timberland take on the classic Chelsea boot takes it to the next level with the rugged sole and the mid-calf length is. 🫶

EXCLUSIVE to OFFICE, the Fur Lined Lyonsdale , gives off cute, cozy vibes and is perfect for styling with neutral fits.

The Timberland Sky Boot in black will be your new styling partner. Cert. 🖤


We also asked you guys what BOLD means to you and these were some of the answers…

“Being bold means wearing what I want when I want 👊”

“Being bold to me means supporting your community through the good and the bad 👯‍♀️💚”

“Dressing without restrictions and not caring what others opinions are of you 📣” 

“To confidently stand out 😍🔥”

“Being bold means being out there, confident, bright & no holding back 👏”

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