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Ellen DeGeneres Breakout Star Sophia Grace Brownlee Welcomes Her First Baby

Sophia Grace Brownlee, the YouTube personality who shot to fame after performing a Nicki Minaj song on The Ellen DeGeneres Show with her then-5-year-old cousin Rosie McClelland, has announced the birth of her first child with her boyfriend of over two years.

Rose McClelland and Sophia Grace Brownlee broke the internet and catapulted to stardom after performing a cover of a Nicki Minaj song on The Ellen DeGeneres ShowRose McClelland and Sophia Grace Brownlee broke the internet and catapulted to stardom after performing a cover of a Nicki Minaj song on The Ellen DeGeneres Show (Credit: Kyle Rover / Startraksphoto)

On February 26, the 19-year-old breakout star revealed on Instagram that she had given birth to a child the previous month.

She posted a black and white photo of the baby’s hand resting on her own, with a caption of her child’s birth date, “26.02.23,” and a white heart emoji.

The popular television host Ellen DeGeneres commented on Sophia’s post, saying, “Welcome to the world, Nicki Minaj the 3rd!”

Sophia surprised her followers when she revealed on social media in October that she was expecting her first child.

The online sensation shared the news in a YouTube video with a pink and blue balloons backdrop and said she was 21 weeks along.

Sophia shared, “I am here to tell you guys that I am pregnant. So, I am 21 weeks today. I’m sure a lot of you are going to be very shocked. Because it probably was unexpected but I was very shocked when I first found out. I have got used to it now and I am super, super happy about it.”

The young influencer urged her followers to “comment nice things only” in reaction to the news. Sophia added, “I don’t want any negative comments. Negative comments will be getting deleted and blocked.”

She also revealed that she waited to break the news until she and the child were both healthy and shared a few sonogram images and the detail that at 17 weeks, she heard her baby’s heartbeat.

In a series of videos posted to YouTube and other social media in November, Sophia disclosed that she was “having a boy.”

Sophia shared, “And when I first found out that I was having a boy, I honestly wasn’t shocked because I just felt from the start that I was going to be a boy mom and that I was going to have a boy. So when I found out, I wasn’t shocked. Either way, I was happy because I didn’t mind if it was a boy or a girl.”

She also revealed that her boyfriend, whose identity she has decided to withhold, and her dad were ecstatic about the news.

Sophia remarked, “My boyfriend was super excited about it because I feel like most men want a boy as their first baby. Also, another person who was super happy was my dad because we literally have so many girls in our family. We barely have any boys.”

The teen star concluded the 11-minute video by showing off some of the adorable blue items she bought for her boy, such as a pacifier, a sleeper, and a blanket.

We can only imagine Sophia’s excitement and love as she embarks on this new chapter of her life. We wish her all the best as she navigates the joys and challenges of motherhood.

Congratulations to Sophia Grace Brownlee and her family on the arrival of their new bundle of joy!

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