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How to factory reset Samsung tablet

Before you give or sell your Galaxy tablet, performing a factory reset is a great idea.

Updated: Jan 12, 2023 4:17 pm

Android tablets are as popular as they’ve ever been, so we figured that there’s more demand for people wanting to learn how to factory reset a Samsung tablet. Samsung are definitely the industry leader at the moment when it comes to Android tablets, so which ever model of Galaxy Tab you’re looking to factory reset, we’ve got you covered.

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Samsung are the only ones at the moment that can compete with Apple’s formidable iPad lineup, though we’ve seen great things from the Amazon Fire tablets too! So, if you’re looking for a capable Android tablet, you’ll likely be buying one from Samsung.

However, you might likely be upgrading from an older Samsung tablet to a new one and selling the older one. On the other hand, maybe you’ve just bought a used Samsung tablet for yourself and want to make sure that everything feels fresh and new.

Whatever the case may be, you should familiarize yourself with the method of performing a factory reset on any Samsung tablet.

Remove any accounts before you reset

Before you go about wiping your Samsung tablet, you might want to remove your accounts from the tablet. This is especially important if you want to sell the tablet, or want to set it up with a new account for whatever reason.


Once you remove the account, you won’t have access to any of the account data on this tablet. Make sure you back up whatever important data you have beforehand.

Removing a Samsung account

  1. Go to settings, and search for Accounts and backup
  2. Tap on Manage Accounts, and select your Samsung account from here.
  3. Next, tap on Remove account, and do the same on the popup that appears a second later.
  4. Finally, tap on Sign out. You’ll need to enter your account password, then tap on OK.

Removing a Google account

  1. The process is nearly identical to how you would remove the Samsung account
  2. Go to settings, and search for Accounts and backup
  3. Tap on Manage Accounts, and select your Google account from here.
  4. Next, tap on Remove account, and tap on it again to confirm.

Some devices might have Google device protection enabled. Google might ask you to verify your identity before you are fully able to log out of the account. 

So, resetting your tablet is quite simple. If you plan to sell the tablet, remember to remove your accounts with the methods above. Once that’s through, resetting the tablet is quite simple. 

From settings, you want to search for Factory Data Reset.

Select Factory Data Reset, and you’ll need to tap once more to review the information.

Whenever you are ready, tap on Reset.

If you have a lock screen set up, you’ll need to enter the information used to unlock it. The tablet may ask you to verify your information in some cases.

Once you’re through with all of that, tap on Delete All. 

This process will take a few minutes, as the tablet removes all of your personal data. Once done, the tablet will be restored to its original state as it was out of the box.

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Final word

Well, there you have it. Resetting Samsung tablets is quite simple. Just make sure that you don’t run into account issues beforehand. If you’ll be giving the tablet to a friend or relative, you’ll want to delete the account with the above. This also ensures that the tablet can be easily set up once you reset it.

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