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How to get Virginia as a companion in Sons Of The Forest

Making friends with Virginia in Sons Of The Forest

Updated: Feb 24, 2023 1:26 pm

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It’s time make a friend out in the wild – here’s how to get Virginia as a companion in Sons Of The Forest. We discover how it’s done in this quick and easy guide.

We’ve been seeing Virginia even before Sons Of The Forest released, back during the release of trailers in the build up to the big Early Access launch. Fans of The Forest will know that she shares the name of a 3-legged (and 3-armed) mutant from the first game.

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Although you should generally be weary of encounters of NPCs in the world of Sons Of The Forest, in the case of Virginia, you have a extremely helpful companion to make. We encourage you to take our advice on board and make Virginia your companion as soon as possible.

Making Virginia your companion in Sons Of The Forest

If you’re looking for a new companion in Sons Of The Forest, Virginia is a great character to buddy up with and make your ally – but just how do you get Virginia to be a companion? Well, it’s mostly a matter of being friendly and not seeming too hostile.

We’ve found that Virginia will actually seek you out, so you’re free to just get on with your usual survival routine and you may even meet her on your very first day on the Sons Of The Forest island. Just below we’ve put together some pointers to help you get Virginia as a companion.

  • Build a base – Virginia is likely to hang around you once you have somewhere to call home
  • Once you spot her, make sure to holster any items or weapons (default bind: G)
  • Slowly approach her unarmed and see how she reacts
  • Be patient and meet her a few times, as she is prone to being scared off at first
  • The developers have mentioned that Virginia tends to stick to warmer climates

So, Virginia acts almost like a stray cat – wandering around and waiting for friendly company to come along, while being extremely timid.

You can’t command Virginia as you would with some other companions, but you can hand her a weapon from your backpack and she’ll help you out as a friendly NPC. One user reports that she even started to gather herbs to deliver back to you as a friendly gesture.

sons of the forest virginia interact
Virginia shows no hostility here, and you are free to interact with her and hand her a weapon

Do I need a companion in Sons Of The Forest?

Companions in Sons Of The Forest are massively helpful. An extra pair of hands works wonders for chance of survival – so imagine how a triplet(?) of hands in Virginia’s case can do! There are more companions out there for you to team up with in Sons Of The Forest, so it’s nice to build up a little ragtag gang of survivors to fend off the threat of cannibals & more.

So, we definitely recommend getting used to making friends when you can during your playthroughs of Sons Of The Forest. There’s always multiplayer co-op with up to 8 players to enjoy as well.

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