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How to watch every NFL and NBA game this Christmas weekend

Christmas Day is around the corner, and once again the dilemma that has confused the worlds’ smartest thinkers and philosophers has come around again: how do you possibly fit all of the Christmas Day activities and festivities into the Christmas Day sports schedule?

This is the second year of the NFL playing football on Christmas, which feels insanely odd but it is a Sunday and the NFL never stops, not even for Saint Nick. In addition, fans are also welcome to enjoy a jam packed schedule of NBA games, including the Milwaukee BucksBoston Celtics and Memphis GrizzliesGolden State Warriors.

So how can fans still open presents and watch their full helping of sports? Well, we here at SB Nation want to help you out. We have a foolproof prototype for an avid sports watcher’s schedule on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Christmas Eve starts off smooth, with the snooze button being hammered at 9 am. However, this is very contingent on two things:

  1. If you have children, 9 am is never snooze button. It’s more like 7 am and it’s not a snooze button it’s a three-year old.
  2. If you live around younger family. Rinse and repeat with having children except it’s your sister and it’s a lot meaner than being a child.

Getting up and buying last minute gifts is also very much in play here, although with Amazon it makes buying a lot more difficult. Honestly, the early portion of games is kind of lackluster so you can spend your time finding your aunt Judy a really nice set of kitchenware instead of watching Texans-Titans.

Christmas Day is a fun set of games—EXCEPT for Broncos vs Rams. Russell Wilson vs Baker Mayfield is the lump of coal in this Christmas Day of games. Christmas dinner will probably be sometime around the third quarter of Knicks76ers so you’ll have food and presents right before PackersDolphins.

It’s the optimal schedule for the best holiday of the year.

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