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I Saw Aubrey Plaza Wearing This Obscure Sneaker Trend, and Now I Want It

If you’re the kind of person who fawns over any celebrity who is “just like us,” then we need to talk about Aubrey Plaza. I binged The White Lotus in just about a week and am now obsessed with every actor that graced the screen, Plaza being one of my favorites.

It turns out she’s just as effortlessly cool in real life, and her style reflects that. She wore $30 sneakers to commute in New York City—she’s just like us.  After seeing her waltz around in these sneakers, I couldn’t help but notice that they were giving major slip-on vibes. I have a prediction that the next Y2K trend that Gen Z will be all over is slip-on sneakers. I plan on ordering a pair for myself that will be anywhere between Plaza’s $30 pair and a fresh Golden Goose number, so below, find 20 styles I’m considering.

Plaza proves that style has no required entry price point.

Make a statement with this green pair.

Gen Z is already all over Vans.

Proof that major designers are backing this trend.

These are exactly what I had in mind when I was searching for slip-on sneakers.

The lug sole is so good.

These are very high on the list of my favorites.

Velcro is right up my alley.

The shearling won me over here.

Just the right amount of platform.

How pretty are these?

Flower power.

Everything about this retro vibe has won me over.

Golden Goose always delivers in the slip-on category.

If you’re on your way to becoming a rich aunt, you need these.

I love a new spin on a classic style.

A hint of pink has never steered me wrong.

Now these are stunning.

Green makes the classic Vans even cooler.

The woven detail makes these perfect for summer.

I’ve had these on my wish list for too long. The time is now.

I’m all about a sporty vibe.

The scallop detail is worth taking a closer look at.

Everyone needs a pair of New Balances.

While we’re on the topic of revamped dad sneakers.

Cool people still wear Converse.

The kind of sneakers that will make people ask, “Where did you get those?”

I’m all about this color scheme.

These are just so pretty.

Just the right amount of height.

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