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I’m Curvy and Live for Baggy Denim—15 Pairs I Swear By



As fashion editors tell it, skinny jeans are due for a comeback: Celine is endorsing it, and Giselle Bundchen is wearing them again like its 2003—but the 90s-fixated person in me (because honestly, that was such a time in fashion) won’t let baggy denim go. So bring on the puddle pants—I want to be able to swim in my denim. But as effortless as Bella Hadid or Hailey Bieber make it seem, finding good baggy jeans is much more complicated when you’re not a size 2. I previously documented the complicated journey of buying denim when you have a curvier body, and I’m happy to report that it does get easier when it comes to loose-fitting jeans. 

After trying on dozens of pairs (literally) here are some key tips I discovered along the way: wide-leg or styles that are explicitly baggy are always better. Ultimately these silhouettes will always frame and drape the body better than say sizing up on a style that leans more narrow. Following that line of thinking, don’t be afraid to size up! For some of my all-time favorite jeans, I went up two sizes to secure that effortlessly off-duty model look I love so much. Also, keep this sizing advice in mind especially when it comes to rigid denim (the material doesn’t accommodate curves the way some with spandex in them do!). And lastly, don’t be afraid of taking things to the tailor—so many of my stylist friends consistently get their denim tailored to ensure the best fit possible. Now that you know the shortcuts to finding a great pair of jeans, I’ve assembled a list of my current go-to jeans to achieve the cool-girl loose denim look. The good news: most of these don’t require an extra trip to the tailor to get them right, they’re pretty amazing as is. Keep scrolling to see my all of my recommendations.

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