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iOS 16.2 beta what’s new?

We look at the features of the latest iOS 16.2 beta 1 – iOS 16.2 beta что нового?!

Updated: Oct 26, 2022 4:39 pm

So iOS 16.2 beta что нового? i.e. iOS 16.2 beta what’s new? Apple recently released the iOS 16.2 Public beta, so everyone can now have a go at the latest iOS update before it comes out as a final, polished release (probably later this year).

Read below for all the details, or just watch this summary video from yer boy Brandon Butch where he explains it all.


Is iOS 16.2 beta out now?

Yes indeedy me old chum, the iOS 16.2 beta out now: both iOS 16.2 Public Beta and the Developer Beta. Read below for how to install the Public Beta and the features of this new update.

iOS 16.2 release date: when will the full iOS 16.2 version be released?

There’s no definitive release for iOS 16.2 as of yet, but the current best estimate is sometime in November. At the very least, it’s very likely we’ll see it before the end of the year.

What’s new in iOS 16.2? iOS 16.2 beta что нового?

iOS 16.2 Freeform app

Freeform is a new whiteboarding app, which lets you collaborate with friends, family, and coworkers on a single, shared digital whiteboard, on which you can sketch, take notes, share files and web links, and upload documents, photos, video, and audio.

iOS 16.2 New Home architecture

The Home hub can now being upgraded to a new architecture, which is apparently faster and more reliable. Home hub devices like HomePod and Apple TV must be upgraded to 16.2 as well.

Other new iOS 16.2 beta features:

  • 120Hz refresh rate ProMotion Support
  • Unintentional SOS call data is now collected.
  • Software Updates text is now bolder.
ios 16.2 beta whats new unintentional sos

iOS 16.2 beta download

You can download the iOS 16.2 public beta on the Apple Beta page, though it will require you to complete various steps, as detailed below:

  • Click sign-up on the official Beta page (you will need your Apple ID to register).
  • Log in and then Enroll your iOS device.
  • Navigate to using the profile on your iOS device and download the configuration profile.

How to install the iOS 16.2 Public beta

After you’ve downloaded the configuration profile of the iOS 16.2 public beta in the steps above, do the following (as ever though be careful and make sure you backup any data on your phone before attempting this!):

  • Make sure the configuration profile is enabled by going to Settings > General >VPN and Device Management and tapping on the iOS 16 beta profile.
  • Navigate to Settings > General > Software Update, click the configuration profile and follow the installation steps.

Final Word: iOS 16.2 beta what’s new?

We hope this has helped answer your queries around the iOS 16.2 beta what’s new? Or for the Russian speakers out there iOS 16.2 beta что нового? Make sure you check out our Black Friday iPhone deals 2022 page and Black Friday iPad deals 2022 page to pick up great deals on Apple products this November.

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