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Medieval Signature Gaming Computers from AVADirect- The best Prebuilt PC in 2023

What is a prebuilt gaming PC?

Prebuilt gaming PCs are assembled computers ready to plug and play. These PCs contain components preselected and built by the manufacturer of the prebuilt. A prebuilt gaming PC is usually a little more affordable, but they usually feature older or off-brand components to save manufacturers money and allow them to offer low costs.

AVADirect Custom Computers specializes in the opposite of that. We offer thousands of component options. You choose the make, model, and brand of each component in your PC. Since each PC is unique and completely custom, our custom PCs can take 10+ business days to receive components, assemble, and test before shipping.

Does AVADirect offer prebuilt gaming PCs?

We recognize that not everyone wants to choose each component of their gaming PCs. While we’re tech enthusiasts, not everyone is. Some customers are just looking for solid budget gaming PCs built with reliable components to game on.

The medieval gaming PC series takes inspiration from the era of knights and castles. Strong outwardly appearance with squared-off componentry bearing an AVADirect coat of arms. These black / white gaming PCs balance a focus on the aesthetics of their parts as well as good cooling performance and reliability.

It’s important to optimize the selection of PC components when building a gaming computer. We’ve set up the Medieval configurator to have a good balance between the CPU, GPU, and memory at different price tiers so in most AAA gaming-oriented scenarios; the components will see a good usage balance.

Esquire, similar to the historical position as the entry steps into knighthood, Represents an entry into graphically demanding gaming. This system will play any current titles at reasonable frame rates at 1080 or 1440p. A great first computer or for the more modest gamer.

Knight, represents the graduation from entry-level to full-fledged service to the kingdom. A powerful series of gaming rigs packing enough punch for 4k gaming and lightweight content creation such as streaming and video editing.

And finally, Duke, Second only to the king in their power. A series representing the best gaming components we offer, shy of custom loop cooling (Our sales team is happy to help if you’d like to order a custom loop system!). These systems will run AAA games for years to come and have enough grunt behind them to do workstation and video tasks as desired.

Our medieval series are configured using in-stock and locally available components to feature quicker shipping than our usual custom gaming PCs so that you can get gaming, faster.

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