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You want the best killstreaks in MW2? We’ve got you covered.

Updated: Nov 4, 2022 3:48 pm

Do you want to know about the best killstreaks in MW2? Killstreaks are a significant part of the game, as they can snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.

That said, many different killstreak options are at your disposal, so figuring out the best one can be daunting.

Read on to discover the best killstreaks in Modern Warfare 2.

MW2 Best Killstreaks

MW2 Screenshot
Source: Modern Warfare 2/Steam

It’s quite a challenge to pick the best killstreaks in Modern Warfare 2, purely due to the huge amount of options available. Still, with the game now fully launched we’re pretty confident in our choices.

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Our list below shows the best killstreaks in MW2 so far. We’ll update the list with any new killstreaks we learn about as they get added to the game.

UAV – 4 Kills

You might scoff, but the UAV is a staple of pretty much every COD game, and for very good reasons. Not only is this a pretty cheap killstreak, requiring only four kills to unlock, but it also gives you a bunch of points from UAV Assists and can turn the tide against the enemy if your team utilizes it effectively.

Care Package – 5 Kills

The care package is a top pick if you’re into gambling. This killstreak drops a box with a random killstreak inside, and there’s a chance you’ll get one of those super high-end streaks from it.

Basically, this streak has the potential to enable stuff like the Juggernaut for only five kills. Madness.

Precision Air Strike – 6 Kills

Don’t know the precision air strike. Though it and the Mortor Strike are both awesome options, the Precision Air Strike is more accurate, and thus gives you much better odds of actually hitting your target.

Stealth Bomber – 10 Kills

Sure, this one has quite a high cost, but its utility isn’t just in getting you even more kills. This stealth bomber carpet bombs in a straight line across the map. In many matches, you can use the Stealth Bomber as a form of battlefield control.

In a well-coordinated team, this can be a killer tool in your arsenal.

Juggernaut – 15 Kills

It would be hard to list the best killstreaks in MW2 without talking about Juggernaught. This beast requires 15 kills, but you’re almost guaranteed to double that by using this streak. It gives you a set of Juggernaught assault gear with a minigun.

Not only does this make you insanely hard to kill, but you can dish out insane damage, and even when you do go down, you drop the minigun for your team to use. Perfect.

All Killstreaks in MW2

Well, you’ve seen the best, now here’s the rest. We’ve listed below the complete list (so far) of killstreaks in Modern Warfare 2.

Killstreak Kills Required
Bomb Drone 4
Counter-UAV 5
Care Package 5
Cluster Mine 5
Precision Airstrike 6
Cruise Missile 6
Mortar Strike 6
S.A.E 7
Sentry Gun 7
VTOL Jet 8
Overwatch Helo 8
Wheelson HS 8
Stealth Bomber 10
Chopper Gunner 10
Emergency Airdrop 10
Gunship 12
Advanced UAV 12
Juggernaut 15

MW2 Best Killstreaks FAQs

What Killstreak is 7 kills?

The S.A.E and Sentry Gun are both 7-kill killstreaks in MW2.

How many kills for a UAV in MW2?

The basic UAV costs 4 kills, and an advanced one costs 12.

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