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MW2 Burger King Skin – How To Get It

How Do You Get The BK MW2 Skin?

Updated: Oct 30, 2022 8:41 pm

It’s not uncommon for games to use various different products other than themselves to promote their game. This time around, Modern Warfare 2 is using Burger King to promote itself. But how do you get the MW2 Burger King Skin?

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Get ready for your order as we fry you up an answer. So get your crowns ready…

MW2 Burger King Skin – How To Get The Skin

MW2 Burger King Skin

In order to get the rather meaty skin, you’ll need to go to your local Burger King, but only if you’re in the following countries:

  • France
  • Netherlands
  • Poland
  • Portugal

There’s no sign of the promo coming to other countries, which is quite the whopping news for anybody in the countries not listed that are looking to get the skin.

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In order to get the code you first need to buy a Call Of Duty Cheese Whopper from the menu, which will then provide you with a code. That code unlocks the following:

  • Burger King Operator Skin
  • 1 Hour Double XP

A Meaty Treat

That operator skin is likely of less consequence to people than the extra hour of Double XP. This extra hour will allow you to get up the battle pass ladder far quicker than usual and will make it so that you can unlock extra content without having to put hours and hours into the game.

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It’s an impossible whopper of a deal, one that would suit a Big King and allow you to join the Rodeo much speedier than usual. It’s unclear if Double XP stacks though, unlike the BK Stackers that are available at your local Burger King. Now head out to battle, defeat your enemies and win this Chicken Royale.

Look, I had to fit that pun in here somewhere, I know it’s not a battle royale game at all.

MW2 Burger King Skin FAQs

Is It Possible To Get The MW2 Burger King Skin In The UK?

Sadly, it’s currently unavailable in the UK.

If You Buy A Code Will It Still Work?

Yes, luckily the activation will work worldwide.

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