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My 50-Year-Old Mom and I Rarely Agree, But We Both Love These 29 Nordstrom Finds

I’ve always had a lot of energy, especially when I was a baby. In my youth, I would bounce throughout the house with so much fury that my mom was desperate to find a place where I could get all of that energy out, so we headed to the mall. She would mall-walk and push me in a stroller for hours every week. My mom recounts this as the start of my love for shopping. I feel the ultimate sense of nostalgia when we shop together.

I just spent some time at home for the holidays, and per usual, we headed to the mall. I’m always trying to overhaul her wardrobe and convince her to try everything that I’m seeing on the streets of New York. We got overwhelmed by the hustle and bustle of late Christmas shoppers, so online shopping it was. We disagree on a lot of the controversial fashion trends, but after a lot of scrolling, we found 29 items that we actually agree upon.

The color red is our love language.

We’re both here for the belt.

My mom loves elevated sneakers, and so do I.

I have a coat just like this, and my mom wants one for herself.

I’m trying to sell my mom on quirky jewelry.

I told my mom that I saw this leather-jacket silhouette on the runway, and she’s sold.

I’m always borrowing from my mom’s designer-bag collection, and I’m hoping she buys this one next.

We’d both wear this to dinner.

She loves a good pair of skinny pants, so I am steering her in this direction.

This sweater reminds me of something I saw at Khaite. I need it.

My mom has a fabulous drawer of scarves, and I like to add to it when I’m shopping for her.

She’s always borrowing my shearling jackets.

We both deal with snow in the winter, and these boots would be a big help.

The fact that this is under $100 is beyond me.

We both love lounging in cozy tanks.

When I’m home, I love hopping on my mom’s Peloton, and we’d both wear shorts like this for a fun ride.

I’m easing her into wide-leg pants, and this pair has me captivated.

Jeans that are just outside of her comfort zone but are extremely comfortable.

We’d both wear this on a Zoom call.

A good belt takes any look to the next level.

My mom actually introduced me to Rails when I was young, and we both love the brand.

Uggs bonded us during my teenage years, and I’m convincing my mom to try the short pairs.

We both always can agree when it comes to staple tees. 

Stuart Weitzman is one of her favorite investment brands.

Being from Michigan, we live for a good coat.

She recently saw me wear the long-denim-skirt trend and expressed interest.

Leather gloves are the ultimate winter luxury.

The inner French girl in both of us loves a striped sweater.

I recently wore something like this, and my mom asked me where I got it from immediately.

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