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NBA: Nets’ Kyrie Irving says ‘anti-Semitic’ label ‘not justified’


NEW YORK – Brooklyn Nets star Kyrie Irving said Saturday he embraces “all religions” after team owner Joe Tsai condemned his tweet linking to a film Tsai called “full of anti-Semitic information.”

“I am an OMNIST and I meant no disrespect to anyone’s religious beliefs,” Irving said on Twitter.

“The ‘antisemitic’ label that is being pushed on me is not justified and does not reflect the reality or truth I live in everyday. I embrace and want to learn from all walks of life and religions.”

Tsai said in a Twitter post on Friday he was “disappointed” that Irving drew attention to the 2018 film “Hebrews to Negroes: Wake up Black America”.

“I’m disappointed that Kyrie…

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