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OFFICE ‘Spotlight Series’ ft. Emelia Gayner #officelovesreebok

Back with a bang, we have partnered with Reebok on another episode of OFFICE Spotlight™. This initiative delves deeper into the lives of our ever-growing community to showcase emerging talent across the creative sphere🔦🌟.

We collaborated with industry Fashion Stylist, Emelia Gayner |@emeliagayner . We love her authentic approach to styling, implementing casual elements of streetwear that she loves and tailoring to the brief at hand. Emelia’s desire to learn more and add new skills to her craft is what keeps her at the top of the game.

We have been Reebok stans since like 4evah. Classic, casual and cool – its giving…Holy Trinity of words to describe trainers tbh. This timeless collection offers limitless styling potential thanks to its retro sporty design and all-day-comfort design details😍! This year we introduced the brand new BB4000 II silhouette alongside the legendary Club C Revenge.

We popped down to a location in Hackney to capture the day, shot by our fave Ede Dugdale. We then sat down with a cuppa to find out more about her creative influences, the importance of community and her personal style. Keep scrolling to find out the rest…💕

Tell us a bit about yourself?

I’m Emelia, a freelance fashion stylist based in West London, mainly working within the music and advertising worlds. My work is centred around my personal style, taking the casual elements of streetwear, and tailoring it towards the brief I am working on at that time. I’ve always been a believer in following your passion and creating a good outfit has been mine for as long as I can remember.”I am still in the very early stages of my career, and I assist celebrity stylist Carlotta Constant.

Emelia wears the ‘BB 4000 II’ in White Core Dark Green

“I find with styling you can never stop learning; assisting has taught me everything and it’s really fundamental to starting off in this career.”



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Describe your personal style?

Definitely streetwear focused. I love comfort over anything, so big baggy silhouettes and something that feels effortless, like your going out in your pyjamas I’d say, mainly influenced by menswear.

Emelia wears the ‘BB 4000 II’ in White Core Black

Three key style trends you are obsessed with right now?

  1. Oversized puffer jackets, this is just the trend that never left and I am so here for it. I hate trend cycles that are every few months but this one is here to stay. It makes sense, winter in London can be cold and I spend the majority of my life running around with clothes in tow, so for me this just makes complete sense.

2.Maxi maxi skirts, think floor length. These with a pointed heel are my absolute go to when dressing up for events at the moment.

3. Big bags, it just feels right. The mini bag never quite stuck with me as a stylist as your always carrying things. So I am here for the big bag resurgence.

What about community in this industry is so important to you?

This job wouldn’t be possible without community. Like everyone says it’s all about who you know, not what you know within the fashion industry.

“I’ve been very grateful to have been given opportunities through referrals from friends and other creatives in the industry, without people’s support and trust in my vision then I would never have got to where I am today.”

Emelia wears the ‘Club C Revenge’ in Chalk Black Grey

How are you styling your Reeboks this season?

With tracksuits all day every day. Reeboks are the perfect daily trainer; they are literally so comfortable and go with absolutely everything. With tracksuits being my uniform, they go hand in hand.

Name 3 kit essentials for a day on set?

1. Number one has to be a steamer, if you know you know. I have spent so many days steaming and I can safely say I don’t think I’ll ever get bored of it.

2. Next up is clothing clips, I can never do a day on set without them, these come in handy more often than not.

3. Lastly it has to be a lint roller, this one is an essential for anyone and everyone who cares about looking put together.

Emelia wears the ‘Club C Revenge’ in Chalk Orange

Who would you nominate for the OFFICE Spotlight?

100% Carlotta Constant, she’s been my mentor and boss for the last two years. Everything I have learned about styling is from her and her years of wisdom/experience from working in various publications such as GQ and Vogue. Her brain and drive inspire me each and every day.

What are you having for dinner hun?

I’m having a salmon poke bowl. They are my current fixation, and I cannot get enough. I love cooking but when work is busy, I can never find the time for it, but these are so easy to make I’m addicted. | @officeshoes


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