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OFFICE ‘Spotlight Series’ ft. Robyn Topps #officelovesnike

Back again this week with another episode of OFFICE Spotlight™. We have partnered again with #Nike to delve deeper into the lives of our ever-growing community to showcase emerging talent across the creative sphere🔦🌟.

To kick off this exciting new series, we collaborated with Tattoo Artist, Robyn Topps |@badcatclub_.We are super inspired by her teacher-turned-tattoo artist journey and chasing her dreams of becoming a full-time artist in her own right.

We have been big fans of the #Nike ‘Air Max Bliss’ and ‘AM90 Futura’ for a while now since their launches back in the summertime. This pack oozes futuristic nostalgia thanks to its retro sporty design meshed with those all-day-comfort tech details we have come to love so much☁️. Now back again for winter, in this muted tonal iteration which offers endless styling potential😍.

We popped down to the Hackney based studio @dumbloversstudio, to capture a day in her life shot by our fave Ede Dugdale. We found out more about her creative influences, the importance of community and her personal style. Keep scrolling to find out the rest…💕

Tell us a bit about yourself?

My name is Robyn (aka @badcatclub_) and I’m an artist who primarily does tattoos. I recently gave up my full time job as a primary school teacher and made a leap of faith to pursue a career in tattooing.

“After lockdown, I came to the realisation that life is too short to not be following your passion even if it means taking a risk!”

I’m still in the very early stages of my new career but I’m grateful for every second. I primarily love to play with black line work which has an ‘ignorant twist’ – wonky lines, off placements and designs that challenge ‘traditional’ conceptions of tattoos.

“I want my tattoos to make people feel empowered and more confident in their own skin; not every tattoo needs to have a big deep meaning, sometimes it’s okay to just decorate your body!”

What inspires you to feel creative?

My surroundings have a huge part to play when trying to feel creative. I need to get out the house and into new, inspiring environments surrounded by people. I love taking words, phrases, lyrics or snippets of conversations and turning them into a piece of art.

 What about community in this industry is so important to you?

I was always told that tattooing was such a gatekept and closed off community. Almost everybody I have met has broken this stereotype. People are so supportive, helpful and definitely look after each other; the tattoo artists I’ve had the pleasure of working alongside could not be more helpful. Tattooing has such a potential to be dangerous and go wrong if done incorrectly so the community aspect of being open to sharing information, techniques and supporting new artists has been incredible and nurtured my career so far.

How does your personal style implement itself into your brand?

In every way! I would never put out a flash piece if I wouldn’t have it on me myself. A friend recently described their tattoos to me as ‘getting to wear your favourite outfit everyday’ and it’s true – they’re the ultimate accessory!

“For me my style and my brand are as one – one wouldn’t exist without the other.”

My personal style is seen in all my flash sheets and reflective of my fashion choices, furniture I love, songs and artists in my current rotation and even tattoo placements that I favour.  

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 If you could put someone in the OFFICE Spotlight who would it be?

It would undoubtably be @bunnystattoos (aka Meg, owner of @dumbloversstudio,). I am lucky enough to work alongside her every week and she has been such a mentor and inspiration to me (even years ago, back in my teaching career). Meg is the ultimate girl boss and unapologetic energy I need in my life alongside being one of the most caring and generous people. Not to mention, her art and tattooing is something everyone needs in their life!

 How would you style the ‘Business Casual’ pack?

I love how the ‘Business Casual’ pack fits so effortlessly into my wardrobe. I love to juxtapose casual and comfy footwear such as the #Nike ‘Air Max Bliss’ and ‘AM90 Futura’ against formal silhouettes such as wide tailored trousers or oversized blazers. 

“I think the muted colour ways make these shoes so adaptable and work as a staple for any occasion.”

 What is to come in the future for your craft?

As I am so early in my career and only went full time in July, I am keen to soak up every piece of advice, shadow artists and work on my craft. I wrote a ‘manifestation list’ at the start of the year and I didn’t even dream of the life I currently have as an artist. For next year on my list, I would love to guest spot at some studios abroad and meet more artists!

What are you having for dinner hun?

At the moment I’m obsessed with Facing Heaven – a vegan Szichuan Chinese restaurant. It would be my dinner every night if they were in my delivery area!

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