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One of the Chiefs’ most notable superfans robbed a bank on his way to the Texans game

Internet sleuthing led to an amazing discovery on Monday when Chiefs fans learned that @ChiefsAHolic, a fan known for wearing a full body wolf costume to games robbed a bank while traveling to Houston to watch his team play the Texans.

The entire incident unfolded on Monday among Chiefs fans on Twitter. After ChiefsAHolic was absent during Kansas City’s overtime win against Houston on Sunday, fans were concerned something had happened to the superfan. Normally an avid tweeter, he hadn’t said anything since Dec. 16, when he retweeted a motivational Steve Harvey quote.

Fans set about trying to find out what happened to ChiefsAHolic, making sure he was okay during his absence. Turns out it was for very good reason. The Twitter account was silent over the weekend because the man under the wolf mask, Xaviar Babudar WAS ARRESTED FOR ARMED ROBBERY OF A BANK ON FRIDAY MORNING!

An inmate information search for the Tulsa County Jails confirms the above arrest record, with local news in Bixby, Oklahoma reporting on the armed robbery, which occurred on Friday. This means that everything is lining up with fan theories that ChiefsAHolic was traveling from Kansas City to Houston for the game, and decided to rob a bank along the way.

Perhaps this was a spur of the moment decision to get some extra spending money for the weekend, but there’s evidence this is a pattern of behavior from Babudar, and now people are learning about his fairly extensive rap sheet.

As of Tuesday morning the account is still silent, presumably either because of the arrest — or now the shame that an entire fanbase is cracking jokes about him robbing a bank. Either way, it will be interesting to see what happens to the Chiefs and their bank-robbing superfan. Are their fates inexorably linked? Only time will tell.

Editor’s note: An earlier version of this story featured a photo of a bank robber in a wolf mask, which was incorrectly identified as a photo of the robbery in Oklahoma. We regret the error.

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