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Shinobi Life 2 (Shindo Life) Bloodlines Tier List — All Bloodlines Ranked

Updated: Apr 6, 2023 6:45 pm

Shinobi Life 2 Shindo Life tier list

Shinobi Life 2, formerly known as Shindo Life, is always evolving with new things, and you would want to find new ways to keep up with that to be one of the top players. In that quest, one crucial aspect is Bloodlines. With hundreds of different abilities available, it is important to choose the right ones.

In our detailed Shinobi Life 2 guide, we will delve into these Bloodlines and make a tier list to help you choose. We divide these Bloodlines into three categories: Elemental, Clan, and Eye. Whether you are a veteran or a newbie to the game, this list will help you.

Shinobi Life 2 (Shindo Life) Element Bloodlines Tier List

Here is the tier list ranking all elements in Shinobi Life 2 from best to worst. There is no SS element because the other SS abilities in our guides outclass S-tier elements. Still, S-tier elements are great if you can get them.

Tiers  Elemental Bloodlines
S Powder, Surge
A Fume, Inferno, Octo-Ink
B Fizz, Apol-Sand, Magma, Rune-Koncho, Scorch, Sand
C Blood, Web, Ashen-Storm, Emerald, Atomic, Frost, Explosion
D Apollo-Sand, Typhoon, Smoke, Paper, Black Shock, Ink, Sound, Tsunami, Clay, Storm, Crystal
E Menza, Vine, Bolt, Bubble, Variety-Mud, Ice, Gold-Sand, Lava, Boil, Mud, Nature

Shinobi Life 2 (Shindo Life) Clan Bloodlines Tier List

Below we have ranked 79 different Clans from Shido Life. The SS tier is the best, and they start getting less powerful as you go down. If you cannot get higher-tier Clan, low-tier ones can still be viable if you use them properly, except for E-tier ones.

Tiers  Clan Bloodlines
SS Ashura-Shizen, Ashura-Ruby, Borumaki-Gaiden, Borumaki-Shiki, Code-Gaiden
S Aizden, Aizden-Inverse, Minakaze, Minakaze-Ruby, Minakaze-Azure, Strange, Fate, SnakeMan, SnakeMan-Platinum, Ragnar, Shiver-Ragnar
A Six-Paths-Narumaki, Getsuga, Getsuga-Black, Bruce-Kenichi, Tetsuo-Kaijin, Head-Less, Ray-Kerada, Ray-Kerada-Yang, Alphirama-Shizen, Vengeance, Sun-Knight, Doom-Shado, Vanhelsing, Borumaki, Borumaki-Gold, Eastwood-Korashi, Kamaki, Kamaki-Amethyst
B Kagoku, Kagoku-Platinum, Ryuji-Kenichi, Shiro-Glacier, Zero-Glacier, Narumaki, Narumaki-Ruby, Yang-Narumaki, Jinshiki, Dio-Senko, Dio-Senko-Rose, Dio-Azure, Rune-Koncho
C Mecha-Spirit, Jayramaki, Jayramaki-Azure, Odin-Saberu, Rykan-Shizen, Shizen, Azim-Senko, Kenichi, Pika-Senko, Senko, Koncho, Dangan, Kaijin, Nectar, Saberu, Kerada
D Ghost-Korashi, Inferno-Korashi, Eternal, Hair, Cobra, Kabu-Cobra, Glacier, Giovanni-Shizen, Jotaro-Shizen, Wanziame, Kokotsu
E Azarashi, Okami, Seishin, Minakami, Shado

Shinobi Life 2 (Shindo Life) Eye Bloodlines Tier List

Last, we have all Eye Bloodline in Shinobi Life 2. They are arguably the most powerful abilities you can get in the game. There is also no E-tier ability here, mainly because these bloodlines are extremely good.

Tiers  Eye Bloodlines
SS Shindai-Akuma, Kamaki-Akuma, Kamaki-Inferno, Deva-Rengoku, Gura-Rengoku, Deva-Sengoku, Indra-Akuma, Indra-Akuma-Purple
S Shindai-Rengoku, Shindai-Rengoku-Yang, Raiden-Saberu, Raiden-Gold, Doku-Tengoku, Doku-Scorpion, Bankai-Akuma, Shindai-Ramen
A Raion-Gaiden, Sengoku-Gaiden, Renshiki-Ruby, Renshiki-Gold, Renshiki, Gold-Jokei, Dark-Jokei, Light-Jokei, Raion-Akuma, Raion-Rengoku, Raion-Sengoku, Raion-Azure, Riser-Akuma, Satori-Akuma, Akuma, Shiver-Akuma
B Rengoku, Obi-Ren-Kengoku, Forged-Rengoku, Forged-Sengoku
C Sengoku, Sengoku-Inferno, Tengoku, Tengoku-Platinum, Xeno-Dokei, Xeno-Azure, Sarachia-Akuma, Sarachia-Gold, Ashen-Storm
D Bankai-Inferno, Riser-Inferno, Satori-Rengoku, Satori-Gold Jokei, Arahaki-Jokei, Dokei

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