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The Best Day-To-Night Outfit – Front Roe by Louise Roe

Days are slowly but surely getting longer and I can feel that Spring is around the corner. And this means it’s time for lighter colour palettes for my looks.

As I know I won’t have time to pop home after work to change, I try to be smart when planning my look for the day and pick something that is perfect for a full schedule of meetings in the city and for a chic evening of cocktails with friends afterwards.

My goal today was to be comfy, warm and elegant. And the easiest, fastest way to go, is through layers and sticking to only one colour (or almost!).

So I went for a white T, a tweed blazer with golden details overtop, a pair of ecru, wide-leg trousers (fave cut this year) and my go-to block-heel leather boots. I accessorised with a chunky gold necklace, pendant earrings and a beautiful new tweed baguette handbag. For the evening, when it gets chillier, I have my long wool coat that I’ve been wearing non-stop this winter.

And now, time to relax after a busy day and order my Negroni – Cheers!

Day to night dressing in Chelsea London

Day to night dressing in Chelsea London

Day to night dressing in Chelsea London


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