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The Fashion Crowd Says This Retro Hairstyle Is Back—Here's How to Modernize It

If we asked you to name the best place to spot new beauty trends, you’d probably say Tik Tok, right? Fair enough. Maybe you’d say the red carpet? Sure. There’s one other place, though, and that’s among the fashion crowd. It only makes sense. After all, if someone spots trendy clothing items, they’re likely also going to have their eye on trendy hair and makeup looks.  The latest beauty trend we’re seeing circulate among the fashion crowd is a very retro hairstyle—one we’re calling the flipped-ends hairstyle. It’s most often styled on bob- or lob-length hair, and it involves sleek lengths and (you guessed it) flipped-up ends. According to hairstylist Adam Maclay, “this is a retro hairstyle from the 1960s that’s become trendy again. The difference between old and new is the ’60s version had lots of volume at the roots, while this modern interpretation is typically worn with sleeker roots.” Keep scrolling to learn how to achieve this retro look for yourself (and how to modernize it for the 21st century). 

Maclay recommends starting on clean, damp hair. Start by blow-drying the hair roughly 80% dry. Then, using a 3/4-inch to one-inch round brush, smooth out the roots and mid-lengths of the hair, pointing the blow dryer down toward the ground. Make sure to keep your ends damp through this process (you’ll style that bit next). 

Once the mid-lengths are smooth and dry, roll the ends of the hair up and around the brush to create a flip. “Once the hair is dried, you can use a flat iron to polish up the flipped ends to help set the style,” he says. “If you have fine, thin hair, you may want to set with a roller (just on the ends) while applying makeup so the set can cool into that perfect flipped look.” 

You can finish off with a misting of hair spray to keep the style locked in place, and that’s it. You’ll have a trendy and modernized style that’s fashion-crowd-approved. Keep scrolling to shop must-have styling products to make it even easier. 

Maclay says to start out by applying this product from the roots to the ends. It’s a volumizing mousse that will give the hair some lift and body without any stiffness or stickiness. 

Next, apply a heat protectant. He recommends the René Furterer Style Thermal Protecting Spray ($36). It will protect your hair and prevent the damage that comes with heat styling.

Next, blow-dry the hair with the round brush. We like this hair dryer from T3, which is lightweight and easy to use (and designed for use on all hair types). 

We like this flat iron for polishing up the shape of the flipped ends. 

Use small rollers, like these, if you want to set your style to last longer. 

Once you’re done with the heat tools, Maclay recommends reaching for this finishing spray to help set the look. “If it’s feeling a bit flat for your preference add in the René Furterer STYLE Texture Spray ($34) to add more grit to the hair,” he says. “Lately, I’ve been making my flipped styles a little glossy on the ends so I’ve been finishing with the René Furterer Style Shine Mist ($33). This lightweight oil spray adds shine without weighing the hair down.”

Everyone could use these retro-looking hair clips.

Nothing prevents breakage better than Olaplex. 

This lightweight oil won’t weigh hair down. 

This is another favorite. It contains prickly pear and moringa leaf. The former is rich in vitamins, and the latter supports keratin production. 

These gentle silk scrunchies prevent damage caused by traditional hair ties.

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