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TOMS is Celebrating World Mental Health Day with TOMS 10×10, Giving Ten £10,000 Grants to Ten Mental Health Focused Organisations.


TOMS is Giving 10 Grants, £10,000 each, to 10 Mental Health Focused Organisations Around the World

In 2020, they shared the milestone that they impacted 100 millions lives, and now they are focused on impacting the next 50 million lives by helping provide access to mental health resources. In celebration of World Mental Health Day on October 10, 2022, TOMS created TOMS 10×10, where they are giving £10,000 grants to 10 different mental health focused organisations around the world. The goal is to help fund access to resources for people to take the “first step” into bettering their mental health.  

When you buy TOMS, you help fund access to mental health resources for the millions of people who need them. They do this by giving ⅓ of profits for grassroots good, which includes investing in our impact partners who are building equity at the local level.

Amy Smith, TOMS Chief Strategy and Impact Officer shares, “the earlier a mental health challenge is identified, and the more quickly a person receives care, the more attainable recovery can be.  We have learned from our impact partners that one of the primary reasons people do not seek professional help is a lack of information and resources about where to start.  Every single day we are committed to supporting people on their journey to better mental health, and every TOMS purchase supports this commitment by funding access to mental health resources for the millions of people who need them.  We created TOMS 10×10 in celebration of World Mental Health Day.  We are proud to give grants to these 10 organizations across the globe that support mental health programming on a local level.” 

For 10×10, the TOMS Impact team identified organisations that have significant mental health programming and an established track record in providing tangible mental health resources. The ten organisations receiving the TOMS 10×10 grants include: AMAFE in Spain, Black Emotional and Mental Health Collective in the United States, Fundación Origen in Mexico, Healthy Minds Alliance by Health360 in the United States, in Canada, The LightHouse Arabia in the United Arab Emirates, The Maya Centre in the United Kingdom, MHI Mental Health Initiative in Germany, Team Tilia in Sweden, and Together for Children in Greece.

Toms kindly chosen OFFICE as their UK partner and we selected The Maya Centre. Who provides free intercultural counselling and holistic support to minoritized women on low incomes living in North London, with a particular focus on experiences of violence against women and girls.


In 2006, they created a new way of doing business by merging profit and purpose.  Since then their mission has never changed; they use business to improve lives.  When you buy TOMS, you help fund access to mental health resources for the millions of people who need them.  They do this by giving ⅓ of profits in support of grassroots organisations focused on creating more equity at the local level. To date, they have impacted over 100 million lives through our giving.


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