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What Spring 2023 Trend to Adopt, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Which spring/summer 2023 fashion trend to adopt based on your zodiac sign


Courtesy of Saint Laurent; Imaxtree/Off-White; Imaxtre/A.Roege Hove

Every job requires a unique skill set; for those of us who work in fashion, it can be boiled down to needing to have strong intuition. You have to be able to predict what’s next—whether that’s trends to come, up-and-coming designers, or the next style icon. In some ways, prophesizing in fashion mirrors what astrology is all about. We’re looking out into the universe to find answers for what’s next, what’s happening, and even self-realization.

And while some may not necessarily think that astrology and fashion are interlinked, that’s far from the truth. Even if you’re not the type of person who has your entire birth chart memorized (guilty as charged), there are benefits to accumulating some knowledge. It can not only give you more profound clues about who you are, but it can also help you craft an approach to personal style. While I’ll admit you can’t learn everything overnight (I’m still learning, too), as a self-professed expert in astrology and fashion, I can give you a great start.

In that vein, I’ve researched the best spring/summer 2023 fashion trends for each zodiac sign (based on optimal colors, personality, and life approaches). Whether you know your entire chart down or are new to this whole astrology thing, I’ve got you covered. Consider this your style horoscope for the coming season (just be sure to check for your rising, venus, and sun sign). 

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